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Malabar's bas been manufacturing and supplying dehydrated fruits, fruit bars, candied fruits, sweetened fruits and vegetable products for over three decades. Our products can be consumed as it is, or used to add taste or decorate your favourite dishes and desserts.

Our products are processed with utmost care at our hygienic and sanitised factory in Ernakulam, Kerala's commercial capital. We source fruits and vegetables directly from farmers, which ensures that the farmers get the right price for their produce and we meet our high-quality standards.


“For healthy life style, Eat dry fruits every day 150 g in 5 servings “By Nutrition Experts 'Malabars' Dehydrated fruit veg mix is an easy way to meet your daily requirement of dry fruits. If basic remedies fail to settle your stomach, find something that works like eating Ginger candy Ginger is a wonder herb effective in treating motion and morning sickness, nausea, flu, cold, etc.

Keith Epstein, Ref: Good house keeping

Try out 'Malabars' Ginger fresh, Ginger n'mint, Ginger candy, feel the difference

Ripe Mango increases appetite, supply energy, digest food. Ripe Pineapple is rich in broeline, the digestive enzyme which cure indigestion and hyper- irritability of stomach.

Ref: Medicinal secretes of your food by Aman

'Malabars' Mango Bar is with full of ripe mango pulp and carbohydrate 'Malabars' Dehydrated Pineapple is made with Kerala western Ghats King verity pineapple with full of its juices and fibre.

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A dream rides a bullock cart! Or,a man's fruitful mission

P.S. Luckose hailed from a farming family in Bharananganam, which is now famous as the resting place of St Alphonsa, the nun who died young after a series of ailments. On the fertile land surrounding his house by a rivulet, he grew pineapple and sugarcane. They grew aplenty, and since there were no organised markets at the time, he thought of preserving pineapple in a more professional way that retained the texture and taste of the fruit. Of course, he had no idea how to do it, because in his home state, Kerala, nobody had ever done it.

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